Eczema or lymphoma?

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It’s been 3 weeks since chemo and broadly Husband is doing well, or at least far better than we’d expected. We really had half expected him to spend much of his time feeling really ill. He does have periods when he feels really drained but if he has a sleep for an hour or two he recovers well.

His headaches and nosebleeds have largely gone. That makes me feel sad because it indicates that they were cancer-related but hopefully it also suggests progress.

Today’s blood results were deemed ‘stable’ by the doc at 114 for red cells, 227 for platelets and 4.1 for white cells.

Husband’s eczema is gaining ground with large oval patches on his lower legs and back, some of which are purple. Having come across references to skin lymphoma sometimes looking like eczema, I can’t help worrying that it might be related to the lymphoma. But I am not a doctor. So we ask one.

“Hmmm. This is more of a GP thing. It could be related to the lymphoma but it’s most unlikely. IF it were skin lymphoma flaring up during treatment then that wouldn’t be good but it’s most unlikely. Worst case scenario you need to see a skin doc for a biopsy. If it responds to the steroids then it’s probably eczema – assume that it is. ”

Okay. Will do. I do not want to be that wife – the one who panics about everything. Except that I am. I remind myself that while some of my concerns have been valid (Husband’s breathlessness, pallor etc), others have not. I am not a doctor. So he needs to go and see another one.

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