Chemo’s finished! Blood Results & Breathlessness

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Dr Dry Humour announces cheerfully, “All looking good”: red cells are at 13.5, platelets up to 351, white cells are 5 and the paraproteins are down again, this time to 8.7. That’s great news, although we can’t help but hope that those proteins will go down further.

We ask about Husband’s continuing breathlessness. The doc listens to his chest and says it sounds fine and that if breathing is a bit of an effort it has nothing to do with the chemo. We don’t know if that’s good or bad. Husband wonders if he’s simply forgotten how to breathe normally. He’s had a splenectomy and two separate lots of chemo, plus two blood cancers. The very thought of all that going on would make many of us breathless. Life has been pretty busy over the last four years living with cancer and various treatments.

But he’s not given to breathlessness. It’s frustrating because it’s a constant reminder that things aren’t right. I can’t help but worry when I see him looking a bit grey and getting breathless so easily. I guess he needs time to get over chemo even if the docs say that the chemo hasn’t caused the breathlessness. His ‘eczema’ is very much better so that’s encouraging and he hasn’t had a headache or nosebleed for ages. That has to be good.

We keep waiting for life to get easier but I don’t think it will necessarily. Everyone I know keeps waiting for life to slow down a bit! We need to live as best we can now, grateful that we still have now and some future to look forward to. When Husband was first diagnosed there were times when he felt he wouldn’t survive the year but here we are almost 4 years later and he feels good – amazingly good since he’s just come through chemo.

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