More blood tests: early days on Ibrutinib but hopeful?

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Another long wait in our masks next to the window in the patient overflow waiting room. We feel so vulnerable around people these days. No doubt everyone in here feels the same. We all awkwardly give each other as much room as possible.

The doc tells us that it’s too soon to know if Husband is responding to treatment – it often takes 2-3 28-day cycles. I know that’s true but it hits me quite hard. We could do with a bit of reassurance.

We ask for the blood test results since the doc seems a bit hesitant in giving them. He gives us the protein results from 2 weeks ago – they were up from 26.6 to 32. But they haven’t checked the proteins today – they only do it once a month.

The other numbers seem encouraging – red cells up a tad from 124 to 126, platelets up from 287 to 294. These gains are so modest but they show stability to me, after a period of steady decline in recent months. I’m just a bit deflated by the ‘it’s too soon to know if you’re responding to treatment’. I don’t think I should take it to heart it all – ‘it’s early days but the numbers seem to be stabilising’ would have been nicer to hear but the consultant probably sees no significant difference between the two and he has to be careful to manage the expectations of his patients. It’s actually kinder.

I’m just a little flat. We’d been told that if all was well the next appointment would be in a month It’s going to be in two weeks. They’re probably just being careful.

This may be why. “Your PSA levels are quite high and your calcium is a bit high. Talk to your GP”. Mmm. It’s a bit of a leap but I think we were told sometime back that some cancer treatments can cause prostate cancer. Husband calls GP from the car park and has a phone consult booked for later today.

The GP is not too concerned about the calcium level – at 2.69 it’s only a little higher than the normal range of 2.20-2.60. He thinks that diet has nothing to do with it. I’ve read that drinking fluids can help so poor Husband will have to drink some more! He’s given an appointment for a prostate check the following day.

The prostate is a bit enlarged but the GP isn’t worried at this point. The PSA level is higher than normal – at Husband’s age it should be around 4 and his is 5.1. Apparently PSA levels can fluctuate so if it’s raised they check again in a month. That will coincide with Husband’s next hospital blood test so they’ll do it then. In the meantime he needs to give them an early morning urine sample. More test results… My gosh they’re thorough!

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