Remission – “Could be 3 yrs, could be 5”

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It’s been so wonderful to drive past the hospital and not have any appointments. But three months isn’t as long as it sounds and here we are again, waiting nervously in a hospital corridor, trying for the sake of others not to show how nervous we are. There seems to be an unwritten code for patients and relatives to do their best to not look as nervous (or downright terrified) as they feel. There is much discussion of the weather, of anything inconsequential, anything to distract from what could be one of the most important appointments in someone’s life.

When Husband was very ill he often struggled to give blood – it was really difficult for them to get any blood out of him. Today he had the ‘luxury’ of an easy blood test. So it’s just a question of waiting.. and waiting… while staring at hospital walls and ceilings, hoping we don’t see anyone we know.

Red cells 146, platelets 348. Dr Inscrutable is smiling. “Your results are all normal, very good. You must be full of energy”. He really looks surprisingly relaxed, offering up a ‘best guess’ without being asked: “You should be like this for a few years – could be 3, if you’re lucky could be 5. It’s impossible to say.” We bounce down the corridor … reprieved.

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