Getting used to Bendamustine

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Day 3

The luxury of being at home with no hospital appointments! Husband is feeling sleepy but managed a gentle dog walk. He’s not feeling too sick at all but is still taking the Ondansetron. He does feel a bit queasy and fuzzy headed so needs to take things slowly but so far so good. He hasn’t had any headaches today but has had 6 nosebleeds – they stopped pretty quickly but it’s oddly upsetting, a reminder that something really isn’t right.

Day 4

Husband says that he feels fine even though he hasn’t taken Ondansetron today. He felt a bit queasy this afternoon but didn’t take anything for it. He’s more with it too, not needing an afternoon siesta as he’s needed the last few days. No headaches but a pretty dramatic 15 minute nosebleed in the shower. We’re wondering if it’s brought on by changes in heat.

I persuaded him to take a Metoclopromide this evening since he’s feeling a bit queasy and the nurses have said it’s much easier to stave off nausea than to deal with it once it’s taken root.

He’s been looking a bit peaky of late – a bit pale / yellowy pale, albeit not as clearly as he was last time he was ill. I’ve been wondering about his colour for the last 3 months or so but I can’t be sure. He had another nosebleed just before going to bed. Drat.

Day 5

Husband feels slow but he’s managed to walk the dog with me (25 minutes or so) and to potter about in the house a bit. He had a small nosebleed last night but that too is an improvement. He still doesn’t have any joint pain, which is great news, since that was one of the things that got to him the most with the RCVP treatment. He’s also managed without taking any anti sickness medication today, which he’s pleased about. He finds that tomato juice with Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce helps his queasiness, as does anything salty.

Day 6

Husband is relieved to be ‘just’ on the 2 sets of antibiotics today. He had his last steroids for this treatment yesterday and seems to be managing without anti sickness medication. He really struggled to sleep last night but managed a 20 minute walk with me today, with a bit of a hill. He’s sure that pushing himself a little bit with the short steep hill has really benefited him.

I can’t help but compare this chemo to his last treatment and he seems to be getting on much better with this. He’s been able to enjoy coffee every day, whereas last time he would need a good week after chemo to be able to face coffee. He has a slight furry impression in his mouth but doesn’t have much of the metallic taste that wrecked food for a good week during RCVP. Frankly we’ll take any bit of normality we’re given and the sight of him enjoying a coffee is one I really value.

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