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We walk in to see Dr Inscrutable, trying to read his face. Is he looking relaxed? Red cells are up .4 to 143, platelets up to 373. “You must be brimming with energy”, comments the Doc, looking very pleased. “It’s better than we’d dared hope for”, I venture. “Yup”, agrees the Doc in uncharacteristically relaxed mode. He switches to haematology mode: “His bloods are doing very well – they’ve normalised. We would expect this to last – it’s hard to say how long but it will be a few years. The chemo has worked for him.” “This is an excellent response to treatment – no doubt”, he chuckles.

Husband’s skin is a good colour and he’s feeling better than he has in ages. He’s working and seems to be feeling better than he did this time last year during the first remission post-splenectomy. Good grief he’s had a tough year or so.

We’re dismissed with a cheerful smile and bidden to return in 6 weeks.

The 6 week check-up was also really encouraging, with red cells up to 148, platelets 355. After last year’s short remission we hardly dare hope in the numbers but we’re learning to try to take one step at a time. And these numbers are good.

We have today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Today Husband is in remission. We’re officially allowed, even encouraged, to use that word, a word we scarcely dare to use. I prayed – with weak and faltering faith – that Husband would have a better remission than we dare hope for and today he has.

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